Asian Consortium of 10 Day Fest / Social Innovation Festival

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Life as an earthling.

Over the weekend I was honoured to join the Asian Consortium, a programme of the uber-inspiring 10Day Fest. Last year’s 10 Day Fest made itself quite a talk of the town and this year’s line-up was astonishing. Urban farming, upcycling exhibition, screenings of Taste the Waste and Menstrual Man, etc. And the Asian Consortium conference, of which I was one of the speakers, connected potential and bold start-ups around Asia. It blew my mind with all the WOW ideas.

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Food for a dumb vegetarian – Night-Fragrant flower congee

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Dumb vegetarian.

Night Fragrant Flower – how beautiful this name is! It also smells beautiful, tastes beautiful and nourishes beautifully. Often used in a ‘winter melon urn’ and other Chinese soups, Night Fragrant Flowers (botanically known as Telosma cordata according to Wikipedia) to me are like edible jasmine. In Chinese herbology they are good for liver and eyes. Sounds like something good for my post-exam recovery. So this morning I made this slow-cooked congee with Goji berries, some leaves from the batch of greens from yesterday, a table spoon of Coconut oil and a pinch of salt.

5 reasons to choose local fresh green deliveries

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Dumb vegetarian. / Ethical urbanite.


Busy days mean unhealthy diet – but no more. I finally had a try at fresh vegetable deliveries, and one order is sufficient to feed you for a week. I don’t even know when it became a popular niche among the health conscious. Ordering veggie deliveries may mean skipping wet market visits, yet it enables us to reach out to organic farmers that deserve our support. I chose Yu Wing as it’s a friend’s choice. For just HKD200 I bought a large stack of assorted veggies delivered by a very friendly old man.

I am not sure how popular such services are in other places but this I reckon must go big in any places because:

  • support local farmers – maintaining a local agricultural industry not only to provide them with a living; you make a choice to provide yourself with a safe source of food grown.
  • eat seasonably – by saying no to foreign exotic imports you give yourself the best choice for yourself. You don’t have to remember what’s seasonal and what’s not – let local farmers decide for you!
  •  easy and convenient – it un-necessitates market visits. Many hours saved!
  • For a balanced diet – don’t let supermarkets set your nutritional limits. Buying assorted vegetables decided by local farmers is a great way to make sure your diet is balanced and diverse enough; which is especially important for vegetarians.
  • Minimal food miles – one baby step to carry out your responsibility owed to future generations and every one of us.

The day of riot

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Life as an earthling.

It is a day of mixed feelings. After a month of revision the exam of Environmental Science and Management finally came. I was to put that I have learnt to the answer book.

While I tried almost every single way to relax myself, the rising tension from the steamy Occupy Central with Love and Peace grabbed my heart away. Last night I switched on the television, which had been silently off and dark for months, to watch the news – which showed me heart-breaking footages of tear gas against young protesters with their empty arms up.

What was previously thought to be an occupation of Central swiftly expanded to Causeway Bay, very close to my home, and Mong Kok. All key districts of Hong Kong.

After the exam this morning, I went back to Causeway Bay. To reality, to my city, with a black dress and a yellow ribbon a young girl handed to me last night outside the subway exit.





Support Kallio to turn men’s shirts into cool kidswear

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Ethical urbanite.

Not long ago we called for donations of used shirts for Smiley Planet‘s upcycling project by Lastbutnotleast. I though the idea of upcycling used shirts into aprons was superb. So it just astonished me to see Kallio’s Kick-Starter campaign and how it takes the art of ucpcycled shirts to even higher ground!

After working in the fashion industry for 10 years, I was inspired to create Kallio because I saw first-hand how much waste we’re creating. It’s hard to believe, but roughly 85% of textile waste ends up in landfills, which amounts to enough material to re-create the Rocky mountains.

With Kallio, I saw a wonderful opportunity to help fashion a cleaner, better future by creating a modern yet classic kidswear line 100% made from re-purposed men’s shirts. We give love and attention to the quality of our designs, preserving original detailing to create unexpected, modern classics that kids can be kids in.

Support it here if you are interested :)

Great photos of People’s Climate Marches worldwide

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Life as an earthling.

While we are supporting student strikes here in Hong Kong, some cities around the world experienced ground-shaking protests – led by the initiative of a massive protest for a global cause in NYC. September 21 – our birthday – was the big day for People’s Climate March. In NYC it came for the climate denying Republicans; but in other cities the word ‘climate’ was interpreted diversely. After all, when we talk about environmental justice, it’s never just about tree-hugging.

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Birthday resolution

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Life as an earthling.


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Life as an earthling.



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Life as an earthling.

I am losing this language.
I am losing that voice because I no longer live in the dark.
The voice was always the loudest when whining was craves the most.

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Life as an earthling.