Ron Finley: A guerrilla gardener in South Central LA

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Nature is no commodity. / On cities & urban world.

He looks like a very typical nigga. The I-don’t-give-a-shit manner. But his TED talk is the one that I enjoyed most in a month. Ron Finley and his LA Green Grounds do one thing that is very natural but seemingly forbidden. They garden in public space like it’s their home. In a city filled with – like he joked – liquor stores, fast food and vacant lots.

With the greatest force – people – LA Green Grounds managed to gain storm of support, by voice and by hand, to occupy vacant space with lush green fruit trees and bushes. It is a natural idea – when you don’t have food provided, you grow it.

A bureaucrat of course would tell you it’s illegal, only to prove how pathetic society has become. That government naturally expects no one touches public space – like we don’t pay tax – is just not humane. Thinking of which, JUPYEAH has encountered a lot of problems and funny response from people like he said in the video.

PS. He was casually dressed only at the Talk. In reality, he has a label  The DROPDEAD Collexion.

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Managing Editor of WestEast Magazine and Co-founder of JUPYEAH.COM. Interests span across varied fields, from culture to environmental issues. Motto is 'More is not necessarily better. Better is better'.

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